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A former financial services marketing manager with a Masters in International Law and Diplomacy (Fletcher School, Tufts University), and a Ph.D. in International Political Economy (Boston University), Show Yang became an accomplished chef by entertaining in her own home. She enjoys preparing fabulous food and pastry for fellow world travelers with sophisticated and discerning palates, many of whom are business leaders and top academicians from leading universities in the Boston area and around the world. In a “Thank You” note, Toshi Nishiguchi, an eminent professor of International Business at Hitotsubashi University, Tokyo, called Show’s fusion desserts simply “divine!”

Show Yang approaches entertaining with a combined oriental hospitality, academic inquisitiveness, and consummate passion. Over the years, she has evolved a culinary repertoire covering a wide range of Asian, Mediterranean, European and fusion cuisines. Now, she is opening up her kitchen in a former New England cider mill to share her knowledge of food in carefully designed culinary and pastry classes, given in a small, intimate and hands-on learning environment.

Show received her certificate in Fundamentals of Fine Cooking from Boston University in 2002, and a certificate in French Pastry from Delphin’s Gourmandise School of Pastry in 2003. Thereafter, she held a pastry apprenticeship at Excelsior, one of Boston’s finest dining establishments. She also established Italia d’Asia to supply fine pastry to private chefs. In 2005, she worked as Vice President of Sales at The Bread Chef, an award-winning French breadshop in Amherst, New Hampshire. Show continues to pursue her passion for baked goods by baking once weekly at a premier artisan bread shop, Nashoba Brook Bakery in Concord, MA.

Show was certified for safe food handling by ServSafe, a leading food professionals certification institution, in 2002.

Cider Mill History

The Cider Mill of Groton sits atop rolling Shepley Hills in the charming New England town of Groton, nestled between northwest Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire. It was first built in 1860 as a twin-purpose saw mill and cider mill on a 164-acre apple orchard and farm. The mill churned out its last batch of cider in the 1930s when ownership changed hands for the first time. During the 1950s, the family, heading a nationally known pony club, converted the property into a horse farm.

For a while after the cider production had ended, the mill served as a warehouse. In the 1970s, the family restored and added onto the structure, turning it into a residence within the Shepley Hills Horse Farm. The mill changed hands again in the 1990s, along with the horse farm that had been divided up for different uses. The kitchen and foyer, as well as the foundation of the building, were remodeled in 1999-2000. Then, in 2000, we became the lucky owners of this home and acres of surrounding land.

Entertaining has always been a hallmark at the mill

Equestrian competitions were signature events, with stadium jumping proceeding right on the meadows nearby. The events attracted hundreds of people, along with parties for riders and spectators. Today, a riding ring, jumps, and a dressage area still remind one of the exciting outdoor lifestyle at this horse country destination. Here, the culture of entertaining carries on, albeit with a Chinese and Sicilian accent. In the mill's kitchen, gastronomic arts of all traditions find respectful treatment. Fine dining, casual fare, fine pastry and tea sandwiches comprise the usual happenings.

The cider mill continues to evolve

We have turned it into a lifestyle center and a private art salon with ongoing classes for home entertaining and activities promoting the fine arts and culture of the Orient. Seasons come and seasons go. But the cider mill and surrounding grounds are always enchanting to behold. The cycle of life that gratifies one's senses outdoors lends a perfect setting for classes indoors. We welcome you to sample our offerings at the mill that remains a bridge between different times and different worlds.


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