We have designed our classes with principles and techniques that you can take away and apply on your own. Each three-hour session begins with a brief introductory lecture, and will proceed to collaborative hands-on preparation with materials distributed in class. You will taste the resulting samples, and have some available for bringing home. Be sure to bring your own containers, however. Clean-up time will afford an opportunity for exchanging reflections and helpful tips. Finally, the session ends with a review of the class materials and fielding of Q&As.

We invite you to join us for a fun and rewarding experience! Scroll down and click on a class title to view details. Tuition for all classes held at the Cider Mill is $90 for three hours. For your convenience, we also offer in-home teaching . For our class policies and procedures, click here .

Check out Our Exclusive Tea Party
at the Cider Mill!

Are you one of those people looking for an out-of-the-box fabulous experience to share with your family and friends? A custom-designed stylish tea party at the Cider Mill might just be the right answer. Nothing beats an intimate tea party held exclusively for you and your loved ones! Each event comes with a brief culinary lesson at the Mill’s gorgeous French country kitchen, and plenty of goodies for subsequent tasting at its enchanting patio garden (on bad or cold weather days, the events are held in our glass-enclosed porch or Great Room).

Instead of a pure sit-down function, your special party will include fun activities with shared learning. You will get not only a one-time occasion for bonding, but also take-away culinary tips that help improve your life right away.

For details, please email or call 978-877-2437. Party sizes usually run from eight to 12 persons. We also offer specially designed gluten-free events.

Mary Fiorentino of Winchester on a unique party she co-organized: “Thank you for a delightful and delicious afternoon in your kitchen and garden. It was fun and … memorable for our guests and especially for (our birthday friend) Janet. … We appreciate your talent and effort and hope to see you again one day.”

Josephine Ricciardelli of Woburn on the same party: “Just wanted to thank you again for all you did to make our little birthday celebration for Janet so special. Everything went so well … We truly appreciated your efforts.”

Classes marked with an asterisk [*] -- Attendees are encouraged to join our Tour of Chinatown program. Here's an opportunity to unlock the secrets and myths of Asian culinary styles, philosophy and history while you pick up tips for stocking up an Asian pantry, sample some of the best cuisines available locally, and shop for the best Asian culinary tools and equipment.

All classes run from 6:30 - 9:30 pm, unless noted otherwise.
Select a topic, and we'll let you know the latest date for the class.


A fun and rewarding class at the Cider Mill

Main Features

Elegant Desserts

Something Special


Kay Brunett, on Blind Tasting Party: "Thankfully, Show has transitioned her profession from 'The Art of the Deal' to 'The Art of Cuisine.'"

Linda Anaconda on Sampling the Best of Sicily: “Thank you Show. We had a great evening that I will remember for a lifetime!”

Carol Daigle on Stir Fry: “Hi Show, Just wanted to say thanks again for a great stir fry lesson and great food!!! I enjoyed a wonderful meal last night. I'm looking forward to your other classes.”

Main Features

Art of Fusion Series I: East-West Symphony *

What can be more satisfying than getting the best of different culinary worlds? That’s how a great fusion meal can make you feel. It’s like an exquisite bouquet of flowers, with each blossom displaying its unique color and aroma, and everyone thriving in perfect harmony with companion flora. We have developed a number of alluring fusion dishes based on our deep understanding of diverse gastronomic origins.

In this class, we’ll introduce you to a three-course Oriental-Mediterranean fare, suitable for both a mid-day meal and a candle-light dinner.

Glorious Clay Pots

Clay pots are the Dutch oven equivalent of several cultures that have an ancient culinary civilization, including China. With a good recipe, and proper rendering, they can craft beautiful flavors beyond imagination. These bucolic looking devices may evoke comfort food, but are really designed for the most discriminating taste buds. You can use it to work out dishes for stylish entertainment, an amazing family dinner or simply a lone-wolf treat.

This class will review the essential process for clay pot cooking and showcase the techniques for flavor building. You’ll learn to make three great dishes:

Mastering Authentic Sichuan Cooking*

Sichuan cuisine is one of the oldest culinary styles in China. It has a written record of over two millenniums, and its fundamental techniques crystallized by the 10th A.D. Although commonly associated with red hot chili peppers, Sichuan food in fact gives prominence to many other spices. Its use of spices and differentiated techniques yield endless permutations. Hence, the claim “every (Sichuan) dish boasts its own style; a hundred different dishes give a hundred distinct flavors”.

This class will introduce to you authentic Sichuan techniques through some of the most versatile foundation sauces and a couple of signature Sichuan items which you can use for main entrées or lovely starters to a gourmet meal.

Pot Stickers–Three Ways*

Pot stickers are among the most wonderfully flexible of all daintiness. For an appetizer, patrons often find themselves wanting more after an initial taste. And as a comfort food, you can’t find anything more rewarding.

Making them can be so fun! Indeed, in North China where pot stickers originated, preparing jiaozi (g yoza in Japanese ) remains a frequent family project. Not only do adults contribute on such an occasion, but also the children eagerly pitch in their help. In this class, we’ll teach you how to make pot stickers from scratch.

Rolled Finger Food and Varied Dipping Sauces *

Hand rolls promise some of the most versatile delicacies. Master the techniques, and you can let your imagination run away!

We’d like to show you both the classical and nouveau approaches to hand rolls.

Sampling the Best of Sicily

Sicily has one of the oldest culinary traditions in the world, its gastronomic arts a blend of indigenous concoctions with influences from a succession of Greek, Roman, Arabian, Norman, French and Spanish rulers before the island fell into the embrace of Italy in the 19th century.

In this class, you’ll learn to make some of the most lip-smacking delicacies from this Mediterranean destination. The menu, decidedly on the lighter side, is selected from among the best of Sicily that we have tasted in our almost annual visit there, where we have dined at its fashionable urban foodies’ establishments dedicated to reviving ancient recipes, family farms committed to serving up splendid hospitality, exclusive clubs in Palermo showcasing stylish refinements, and elegant baronial estates impressing us with their spectacular traditions.

Secrets of Stir-Fry *

Ever wonder how to create those wonderfully moist and crunchy asparagus, crispy green leaves, flavorful tender meat, and mouth-watering juicy shrimp? Try stir-fry!

In this class, you get to learn the principles and fundamental techniques of stir-fry. You’ll find how important it is to follow a step-by-step process for achieving delicious results. Upon completing this class, you should be able to stir-fry delectable dishes right at home – whether for an everyday meal or for lavish entertaining. How about that!

This class will review proper equipment and essential condiments, illustrate process and presentation considerations, and explain different treatments of ingredients through three dishes ( try stir fry for your Thanksgiving greens ):

Select Favorites of Thai Cuisine*

Who can forget the rich fragrances from an amazing Thai dinner? Does that inspire you to attempt a reproduction at home? This class will help you realize that dream. It will help you uncover the myths of the Southeast Asian cuisines, and teach you a few principles of their curries, which you can use not only to fashion some restaurant favorites but also do one better – come up with original dishes according to your imagination.

To get started, you’ll learn how to use some key herbs and spices of this rich culinary tradition. The class menu includes:

Simple Sushi*

Delicate and refreshing, sushi is definitely a technique-laden treat. But don’t be intimidated! In this class, we will give you tools for creating this increasingly popular delicacy. Then, you can let your own imagination take wherever you want to go with it.

We’ll pass onto you three valuable rules for successful sushi making:

You’ll learn how to make three types of sushi - Nori [Seaweed] Rolls, Temaki or Roll-Your-Own Sushi Cones, and Inari Sushi created with a special pocket. You’ll also learn to make Wasabi paste from scratch.

Tapas, Dimsum, Yakitori and Other Appetizing Small Plates *

Small plates herald the latest fashion in dining. Hey, why eat a whole plateful of one thing when you can taste several varieties of goodies in one sitting? With small plates, you also get to control your intake, hence your waist line!

The dishes suitable for small plates not only make great party favorites, but also are fun to make, and lend well to activities with your spouse, kids and friends.

Here’s an opportunity for you to learn to impress your family and guests with an array of fabulous nibbles at your next dinner party. Most of them are quick and easy to put together after just a bit of advance preparation.

Elegant Desserts

We believe it is your birth right to indulge in superb desserts. Imagine a dazzling sweet course that tickles your palate, either as a finale for a brilliant meal or as a stand-alone pleasure! Any day of the year, in your own home! We are offering several of the finest classics and some innovative off-shoots in this season. Enjoy!

All Time Favorite Desserts I: Chocolate I

All Time Favorite Desserts II: Fanciful Custards

Fantastic Tarts: Fruit Tart and
Special Pear Tart, etc.

Irresistible Lemon Desserts – for Those Who Can’t Have Enough of This Citrus Fruit

Something Special

Blind Wine Tasting at the Cider Mill

Are you looking for some adventure with wine? You’ve come to the right place! We are offering blind wine tasting with exquisite Asian and Fusion (now called “Global”) cuisines for people just like you. Neophytes and wine connoisseurs are both welcome — whether you come by yourself or as a group. You'll get to pick up some culinary tips, too!

To find out more about this offering, call 978-877-2437 or email .

Judy Larter on blind wine tasting: "Hi Show, we all had a very good time..., the food was outstanding and entertaining company, thank you!"

Cooking in the North End

It doesn’t get any better -- here’s an opportunity to learn from renowned chef Jose Duarte at Taranta , a shining star that is top-rated in the Zagat Survey right at the “gate” of the culinary world of the North End. Chef Duarte will lead the class in producing dishes for your own lunch, including instructions on:

15 registrants minimum/class. Parking: across from the North End by Fanuail Hall ($20-$25 per car). $115/person

To ensure your slot in the class, please respond 5 business days or 7 calendar days prior to the day of class.

CONSERVE ENERGY! Save our environment! Anyone interested in car pooling can provide us with an email address, so we can help others to join in.

In-Home Teaching

If you want to throw an in-home culinary- or pastry-learning party, we will gladly oblige. Feel free to select any of the classes mentioned above for the occasion (except for the North End class).

Tour of Chinatown

This is an exciting opportunity for you to discover Boston’s renowned Chinatown:

CONSERVE ENERGY! Save our environment! Anyone interested in car pooling can provide us with an email address, so we can help others to join in.

Classes marked with an asterisk [*] -- Attendees are encouraged to join our Tour of Chinatown program to shop for the best Asian culinary equipment and ingredients, as well as sampling some of the best cuisines available locally.

Class Policies and Procedures

Each course is $90 per person. Class size is flexible. We will work with each of our clients to ensure the quality of the learning experience.

To register for a class or check on class availability, please call our registration line, 978-877-2437 or email . If you are interested in a course, register early, so you will be among the small group of eight taken for each class.

Only checks and money order are accepted at this moment. Please make the full payment at the time of registration. Make it payable to The Cider Mill of Groton, Inc. Mailing address: 56 Longley Road, Groton, MA 01450. $20.00 service fee applies to any bounced check.

Program Disclaimer
The Cider Mill of Groton reserves the right to cancel any class with insufficient enrollment. In the event of a cancellation, The Cider Mill of Groton will notify all registrants and arrange a full refund or a credit for a different class or one held at a different time. Due to differences in the subject matters, classes may run longer or shorter than three hours as designed. Please arrive ahead of time, as class will begin punctually.

Dress Code
For your safety, please come with casual and comfortable clothing and shoes. Definitely no open toes and shorts.

Registrants are solely liable for injuries/theft taken place in class, however unlikely these unfortunate events may occur.

Withdrawals and Refunds
For a full class refund, you must provide a two-week advance notice. Any notice of withdrawal issued in less than two weeks will receive a credit for another class. $20 service fee applies to withdrawal requests made less than 48 hours before the start of the class, which we will reschedule once only. You are responsible for arranging make-up classes in advance, pending availability, if you miss any classes.

We do not discriminate against any one in anyway in our culinary and pastry program. Nonetheless, it is the registrants’ sole responsibility to ensure his/her participation in the program.


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